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IncrediMail Letters

email Notifiers

Birthdays, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Easter

You will find IncrediMail Letters for all these occasions in the "Occasions" Folder

Free Incredimail Stationery Download

All of the free Incredimail stationery on this site is available to download for your own personal use. Please use the Site Menu on the left to navigate to the various IncrediMail Letter Styles provided by Incredimail4You. Incredimail4You is a Family Friendly Site and suitable for all the family.

Over 400 more Free IncrediMail Letters

A huge selection of IncrediMail letters are available for Free download at "Bailies Bits " There is a vast range with plenty of Christmas letters in the Christmas folder and the Occasions folder.

No matter what style of Incredimail Letters you are looking for you should find the variety at Bailies Bits to your liking. There is free stationery on Cats, Dogs, other animals, Computers, Music, and Funny Letters. Not to mention some great letters on Flowers, Birds, Dance and TV & Film. Look out for some great IncrediMail format Midis there also.

You must have the IncrediMail Program in order to be able to use these letters. You can download the program Free from IncrediMail

You Just Have To Try It

Once you have used IncrediMail no other email program will ever be good enough for you to use. Just like hundreds of thousands of IncrediMail users around the world, you will come to love the unique options available when using this program.

Goodbye Boring Emails

Email is no longer the boring, black and white, impersonal communication tool you have been used to. The Free IncrediMail Program also provides free notifers, (Like the notifiers shown above) and Incredimail provide a gallery were you can download free stationery letters ,ecards, Animations, Emoticons, Sounds and Skins for changing the look of your personal Incredimail set-up.

Bells and Whistles

Yes IncrediMail is Cool for Young and Old and has all the Bells and Whistles

3D Effects

When you send an email the letter leaves your computer in style with special 3D Effects. When you receive mail not only does your selected notifer let you know you have new mail - when you open the email the letter arrives with special effects.

Voice Recorder

The pic below shows a new mail ready for typing a message. At the same time, as shown, it is possible to click on the voice recorder, record a voice message and attach the voice message to the letter without going anywhere or opening other software.


You can download 'Midi' Music Files to the Style Box (Sounds) and attach appropriate music that suits your letter style. Again, you can attach the music when composing the letter without opening any other files or software.

Enjoy Your Visit

We hope you enjoy your visit to this site and that you will return often for more Incredimail Letters.